This thing called Life

Life is full of changes some for the good and some for the bad.With life we never know what can happen next or who may be here one day gone the next.We think at times that since things are going good today their gonna be going good all the time when that’s not true.We always want to have that happiness but its not always that easy to get.Nothing in life is guaranteed to a person.We can only take it one day at a time and hope that one day a person can say it wasn’t easy and I’m glad it wasn’t because now I know how to handle it.It took me awhile but I’m blessed to have faced hard times.

God’s Timing 🙏☝

If you pray everyday have you ever noticed God’s timing?When you pray for something or someone God doesn’t answer your prayer at that time you pray he answer it on his own time.Its not that he didn’t get your prayer ,but it just takes time for him to decide how to deliver it to you.So don’t ever question why God hasn’t got to you at that very moment.Be patience with him he knows when the time is right.Trust him he won’t ever give you more than what you can handle.Let him guide you because he’s an all seeing God he knows where you want to be.God’s timing is the Right timing don’t second guess that.One thing you should know is that God has perfect timing.


That’s a part of Life

In life we meet people some who we feel are gonna be in our life forever.What we don’t realize is sometimes that’s not how things go.People change like seasons and its sometimes to show you they weren’t really who you thought they were.There time was up in your journey just accept that.You just have to let them go and keep pushing in life.It might get to you but soon you’ll get over it.


Find your Purpose

Everyone’s journey in life is to find their purpose.As you get deeper down the road you question how you can use you purpose to get where your going in life.I always thought finding my purpose would be the hard part but the hard part is finding a way to show the world.This is not a easy road I’m taking and it’s time I face the fact that to reach the top sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom.But just make sure if you fall you get right back up and keep going until you reach the top.Meaning life throws you all kinds of curve balls it’s up to you to figure out which ones you gotta dodge.


The Past

What has happened is already done.We try to change our past when it can’t be changed we can only move forward and hope that it’s not the same.For the past is the past for a reason.To every person in your life they only make it to their season. Don’t hold on to those who want you to let them go.For the past is the past you weep what you sew.Let people go and things go with them.It is God testing you so trust him. Dont look back on what has been done.Change is good and Good to the world to come


The World we live in

We live in a world where children are being neglected.Tossed around place to place being rejected.We live in a world where words are exchanged in a unkindly way.We live in a world where I love you really means I hate you because I hurt you .We live in a world where it’s okay to judge one for what they did before but not giving them praise for what their doing now.We live in a world where young men disrespect women in so many ways when a woman was the one that birth them .We live in a world where being accepted is hard to do when someone is not living life the same as you.But why?When God created us all to be different yet we fail to understand that.We live in a world where We judge,Hurt,&Destroy.We live in a world where we don’t notice this is the kind of world we Live in.



To the Girls who have been hurt

“The pain of Love”
A girl whose been hurt just wants the hurt and pain to go away
Never to return or to ever remain
Every girl has to face this
once in a lifetime
It’s like an obstacle you can’t just sit there you have to take the climb.
Whether its long short it’s worth in the end
You may be hurt but it’s worth the win
Just know every girl goes through something
The hurt and pain will soon turn into nothing


Mother’s Day

Today we are celebrating all the great,strong,beautiful,&wonderful mothers in the world today.Without women like them none of us would be here.We should embrace them in everyday we can because they deserve it.Im going to enjoy this day with my Beautiful mommy.Hope everyone else does as well


Faith was Lost

We tend to face crossroads in life and we giving up on hope and faith.Losing a loved one can leave us to distant ourselves from the world.Only if we could get a warning sign ahead of us to let us know we should be prepared for what we may be hitting ahead.No matter what the circumstance may be we should always prepare ourselves for the worst to come and never lose faith.