God’s Timing 🙏☝

If you pray everyday have you ever noticed God’s timing?When you pray for something or someone God doesn’t answer your prayer at that time you pray he answer it on his own time.Its not that he didn’t get your prayer ,but it just takes time for him to decide how to deliver it to you.So don’t ever question why God hasn’t got to you at that very moment.Be patience with him he knows when the time is right.Trust him he won’t ever give you more than what you can handle.Let him guide you because he’s an all seeing God he knows where you want to be.God’s timing is the Right timing don’t second guess that.One thing you should know is that God has perfect timing.


4 thoughts on “God’s Timing 🙏☝

  1. That is very right. His Time is perfect for us. We may not understand why God had to wait so many years to give Isaac to Abraham,even though the promise had been made centuries before, but God is all knowing and i’ve seen what i thought was a major delay in my life, turn into a beautiful testimony.And then i was glad i was delayed.
    Just to add, hope you’re doing well Caroline? How are your studies going?

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