I’m A Girl who

I’m a girl who prefers sweatpants over Jean and Leggings.A girl who doesn’t mind walking out the house with her hair all over the place.A girl who you can call ugly and I’ll respond I know I’m Beautiful .Im a girl who doesn’t have to go out partying to have fun.A girl who is okay with being Weird.A girl who doesn’t really care about what anybody has to say.A girl who likes sports but doesn’t really watch them unless she knows the teams are playing are good.A girl who takes a lot of pictures just to get the prefect one.A girl who would rather stay home with her mom and watch Lifetime movies instead of going out .A girl who is clumsy and always being silly.A girl who is quiet until she is comfortable around you.A girl who is not perfect but who is in love with her imperfections.


11 thoughts on “I’m A Girl who

  1. Its still great to see people thinking this way now though! Not only are there people still out there that need inspiring but it is also a re-inspiring moment for yourself to keep going and not give up

  2. Very creative! I can relate to this. I left them days behind to focus on motherhood and transitioning into the best me possible. Kudos to you for loving yourself and not caring about what people think.

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