I’ve been That Girl

This Poem is dedicated to All the Girls and women out there who have felt alone in hurtful,abusive,& cruel situations like this.Ive haven’t experienced this but I know people who have.I hope you enjoy it and Share it someone out there might can relate.

Hit me then leave me to cry
Tell her you never touched me
I’ve been that girl
Leave me all alone
No home to call my own
Ive been that girl
Played with my heart
Hold me tight then let me go
I’ve been that girl
Take me out then don’t contact me for days
Throw me down and leave me to pick myself up
I’ve been that girl
Buy me gifts then say sorry
Make me have your kids then leave me for another woman
I’ve been that girl
Lie to my face
Then call me the liar
I’ve been that girl
Tell me I’m ugly
Tell me you wish you never met me
I’ve been that girl
I’m much stronger than I ever was because I’ve been that girl.


14 thoughts on “I’ve been That Girl

  1. This is a very nice post. It’s very heart felt. You have a gift of writing. You should go for it and don’t look back. Great success to you.

  2. WOW!! that was just awesome.. i have been that girl and i am that girl at the moment. I just found out i am expecting and i have parted ways in the worst way with him. He’s off to moving in with his now fiance and i have been a full mess. Your poem spoke to me.

  3. Very nice. Like for you, writing is passion and the blessing of expression. One of the best most inspiring books I’ve ever read is WRITING FOR YOUR LIFE by Deena Metzger. I know of none better for what you hope to do with your words. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Feel free to follow my main one, which is linked to in about if you’d like.

  4. A lot of us have “been that girl.” Thanks for writing this for all the girls that need to know they are not alone! Your writing shows your empathy and compassion for others. It is through our own experiences we learn to minister to others! God Bless you!

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