Talk To Me Bloggers!

Did you always want to become a writer growing up?

What lead you to write?

What is your favorite type of writing?

What’s your Motivation?

10 thoughts on “Talk To Me Bloggers!

  1. Did you always want to become a writer growing up?
    Not really. I wasn’t good at grammar. I only wrote like very simple answers to questions that teachers asked in school. I get by on simple answers and thoughts. I always thought being a writer was something that others did like Beautiful people like Maya Angelou and other people. I never thought I had any talent at all. I think differently now. Anyone can be a writer. I self publish my own work.

    What lead you to write?
    I get inspired by anything. Sometimes music. I always loved Sade’s music and thought I would love to write lyrics like the one’s in her music. I also like music from the heart like Stephanie Mills and Patti La belle. One of my favorite singers were Ashford and Simpson. There music is so romantic. It depends. I also like Opera. One of my favorite singers are Jessie Norman, Jackie Evancho.

    What is your favorite type of writing?
    I like any type of writings. It depends on what mood I’m in. I express my sadness through writing. I also do it in a way that won’t make anyone feel low. I always add that there is a way out from any pain in life, because life is not so sad like it is at the moment.

    What’s your Motivation?
    My motivation is wanting to raise myself from poverty. Maybe one day help someone out of depression like I was and still am sometimes. I think it can be done. Medicine is not the only way to healing the soul these days. I have always asked many questions as to why I was more motivated than other people. Most of the other people that were growing around me chose different paths in life that were not pleasant. Meanwhile that was not what I want for myself. I wanted to survive so badly. I used to live in Brookly New York. Life wasn’t so easy for me and this is my motivation to try and find happiness in anyway possible. I also try to live a positive life. Writing and photography is my path to creativity right now. I hope I answered your question. 🙂

    • Grammar was my best subject in school and I won the spelling bee a few times, but I am positive I write in run on sentences and my words aren’t always used right. I never meant to write poetry or blogs. Life happened, too much pain happened. Writing literally kept me alive for so long. It continues to help me heal, help me through the moments, and hopefully help someone else along the way. My motivation to continue to write is to heal a little bit at a time and like I said, to change one person if I can. I’m not the girl I was, not the woman I was, my brain doesn’t work the same anymore, but still I try to write. 🙂 and thanks for stopping by my blog too, no one comments on it and it was cool that you did. ❤

  2. I wanted to write ever since I started reading books. Wrote my first poems at the age of eight.

    My wonderful dad who was a famous Latvian poet and writer and a real inspirations to me.

    I love creative writing and especially poetry where I can really express myself.

    Nature and music really motivate me.

  3. I’ve been in love with books and words since before i can remember. My clearest memory is 4th grade. I had a writing assignment and my teacher told me that i wrote very well and to keep it up, making sure to write everyday. I’ve been keep journals since childhood. I don’t know what i would do if i couldn’ write. It somehow makes me feel more complete. It’s a true love.

    • I completely understand.I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write either.When I write I Journey out into my own world where I can relax and get my point across and no one can interrupt

  4. I love to write, but I have never really thought about being a writer. Writing is how I communicate, I find what I want to say more clearly, most often in writing rather than talking. Who knows what Gods to with what I write, but whatever He chooses it is His to do.

  5. Did I always want to become a writer, growing up? Not consciously. I’ve always loved to read, particularly fiction, and I’ve been writing stories since I was about seven or eight, but if someone asked me then what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, “I want to be a singer.” I thought I did, but I was really only enticed by the images of fame and glamor that being a vocal artist put in my mind. I was a shy, rather unpopular child, so I would feel cool when classmates and peers would gush over me when they happened to find out I had a nice voice, but would any of those other kids ever pat me on the back and say, “Wow, Nadine, you sure read that book good!” or “You’re such a great story writer, Nadine!” No, they wouldn’t. Yet, my nice little voice notwithstanding, when it came to what I truly loved the most, my nose could be found buried deep in books. So, books eventually won out over the wish to be a glamorous vocalist. Now I know I’m a writer through and through, as I’m meant to be, and so, I write. As a child, it was a good outlet for a girl who felt too shy to truly speak her mind around people, and as an adult, knowing I have a gift for writing, it’s the best way for me to communicate what I have to say to benefit the world.

    My favorite type of writing is definitely fiction, and my motivation to write is in my writing mission. I write to help people: to bring hope, to change minds, to expand imagination, to provide entertainment, and to save lives, all of which other authors have done for me.

  6. Did you always want to become a writer growing up?
    – I always enjoyed writing when I was younger, but slowly realized the difficulty of turning it into a career. So, I changed gears slightly and majored in journalism. In a way, however, changing my direction led to a greater appreciation for the style of writing I wasn’t doing.

    What led you to write?
    – I’m not sure what truly led me to start writing. In a way, it’s always been a part of my life. Whether it was writing cheesy news reports, quick comedy scenes or movie scripts, I was regularly turning out material.

    What is your favorite type of writing?
    – I love screenwriting. In a way, it’s traditional writing without worrying about some of the finer details. A good many half-finished scripts are on my computer, left over from several years ago when I was writing regularly. Right now, however, I’m enjoying a few funny fiction ideas that could turn into a series of short stories.

    What’s your Motivation?
    – One motivation is to create something that doesn’t currently exist. Everyone has a different way of looking at the world and a different way of expressing it. Some are optimistic, others pessimistic; some have a complicated perspective has plenty of twists and turns, others may see things more simply.
    My current motivation is to shake the growing struggle of creating a fully-developed story. After years of journalistic writing, which can be pretty cut and dry, transitioning back into writing fiction is a bit of a (positive) challenge. It’s exciting!

  7. I really didn’t think much about becoming a writer when I was younger. I never thought about being published or sharing my work with strangers. I wrote for myself and usually stuffed it somewhere and when I was teen I wrote along with my friend, the only person I’d share my writing with.
    It was until I was older that I felt that I had something to share. I put a lot of emotion into my stories and I want someone else to see it who feels the same. So I guess my motivation would be knowing that there are others out there I could connect with through my writing.

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