The Gift of Being A Writer

Have you ever looked a piece of paper and about a million things popped in your head ?but you didn’t know how to put it in words.Some say its hard to write and some say its boring.I say it’s Great to be able to put your thoughts to paper.Being able to writing gives you the ability to express yourself with words and by people reading it they get a glimpse of a little bit of what your feeling.

Writing takes to you so many places in your mind you have a sense of power because your writing what you want.With writing you can’t be interrupted no one can say that’s not true because your the one in control of the pen.With you in control of the Pen it’s gives you the ability to write down what you feel,see, and want people to know.Writing is more than Pen and paper.To me writing is a Gift from God to inspire People with Words being written down Cherished and Never Forgotten.

8 thoughts on “The Gift of Being A Writer

  1. Words are so powerful! They can be used as a catalyst for healing or a fire that destroys. And, in my own life, writing has been a vehicle for healing and change. I am utterly persuaded that every single person has a talent, like writing, but not everyone knows or nurtures their gift. So happy to see others who recognize their talents, and use them! 🙂

  2. Writing is such a great opportunity. When I was in school a teacher asked a question about what anyone wanted to be. My answer to his question was as follow. I said that I wanted to be a seagull for at least one day just to fly away from everything in life that was ailing me for that day. If I was a seagull I would fly high up in to the sky and have no care in the world, but just to fly over a fish to eat for that moment. Shallow waters couldn’t keep me away from my flight that day and never would again. This is what I just thought about now. Isn’t it funny how words can be place into action. I love writing. 🙂

  3. That is so true, the pen is the sword of the mind, I know i just kinda made that up, but you are right in saying that writing is unique in that it is yours and no one can take that away from you 🙂

  4. LOVE! So many times I have had so many thoughts that I can’t pick just one to write! I do love that no one can interrupt the pen to paper though! Exactly! Words are inspiring, words are powerful!

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