Woman to Woman

Let’s just lay it out on the table “Woman to Woman” we don’t always like each other but As Women we must support each other whether we like one another we are all similar in the simple aspect that we are all Women. Women who should stick together when we are being attacked.And we are always being attacked we get categorized as Crazy,unfit,uneducated, and I hate to use this word but being called “A Bitch. Excuse my Language!!! But this needed to be said.We should respect each other because if we don’t respect ourselves who will? I’m gonna answer that “Nobody will”We should be able to get along because we have all faced some of the same Hardships.

We shouldn’t betray each other because we know the hurt we feel when we are betrayed by one another.Its sad that we would treat one another so Harsh.We Should love being “A woman” for Being a Woman is a great blessing but it’s also a curse with what we face but we are not alone.Share your story someone else has been there before .We have to stick together as Women for We are Strong, powerful,Great Human Beings.


2 thoughts on “Woman to Woman

  1. I love this. I can definitely agree that in this society it’s important for women to stick together, there’s so many double standards but women should be comfortable being women. You’ve gained a new follower 🙂

  2. Great post! I never did and may never understand why women can’t seem to be supportive of one another. Yet, most walking around talking about girl power and empowerment it all seems so fake to me, because we do not empower each other as we should.

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