Miracle of My mother

Written in 2011 in the Midst of her Struggle in the Hospital.

Dedicated to My Mother living with Lymphoma Cancer.

Sitting here next to you I know it’s been a long hard year.
Losing a husband wishing he was still here.
Then to find out you not all that well yourself.
Facing an illness that’s killing your health
But you didn’t think it was true.
We never imagined that we could lose you.
A woman full of life and faith.
Always worried about others and whether their safe.
But your a trooper you made it through it all.
Even for all of what your eyes saw.
All the tears,needles,and blood you faced.
You came out a winner and no one could ever take your place.
Times you wanted to just get out.
No but you stuck through them those are are the times that really count.
Don’t ever give up God made a way.
Yes he did he let a mother, sister, &daughter stay.


7 thoughts on “Miracle of My mother

  1. this really hit home with me. my mother has been surviving with cancer for six years now, and is fighting the best she can. cancer is an insidious disease, and I wish you and your family well.

  2. Beautiful tribute and reflection on your mom and your love for her. I’m so sorry she’s had so much struggle and grateful for her that she has you and your sister. Blessings to her courage and faith and to you for your love and depth.

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