Who Am I ?

In my eyes I feel like The hardest thing in life is being yourself.I mean really being who you are without changing something you love that another doesn’t.Well that’s what happens when we live in a society of False advertisement .When I say false advertisement I am not referring to material things being advertised.Our society only shows us what they think will catch our attention and sometimes keep us from speaking out on certain aspects.How do we confine in being ourselves if all we see is nothing real around us.

As young children growing we would see our Idols on television and say that one day we would hope to grow up and be like them.Of course that’s normal for kids to want to grow up and be like someone famous but they don’t show them it’s more than the fame.Is it what you really want to do? Or do you really want to do it because of the Fame ? Think about it

5 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. Today my pastor said this, “Many churches have started watering down the truth, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. So we don’t talk about God’s word, because you may get offend. we try to get you out in 20 minutes, so you don’t get bored…” I was thinking this post reminds me of that how we forget that there is a real TRUTH, but we would rather settle for the lie.

  2. Tye Tribbit put up an IG post the other day that really made me think. He said, “I’ve learned that most people don’t want what it REALLY is…they just want what it SEEMS to be…” I think this fits your topic perfectly. If people saw the behind the scenes footage of what it takes to live their dream, they would probably change their mind. It takes a lot to be successful at whatever it is we desire to be and sometimes the hard work that is a necessity to get there is what breaks or makes us.

    • I totally agree with that because nothing in life is easy and in order to really get where you want to go you have to put in the work, but most just want the success overnight and things that are worth it just don’t come over night.I feel like if it is easy to get I don’t want it.

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