“Embrace your Struggle”

Struggle was a word I never used growing up no matter how hard things got I always considered us making it through it.Im not gonna lie there were times I saw my parents go through hardships but I wouldn’t see them let it effect our lives as kids growing up.I just always thought that was the way everyone’s life was and mines was pretty normal.

As children when we are faced with any hardship in our lives we didn’t look at them as struggling well at least I know I didn’t.Even when I was in the fifth grade and we were evicted from our house.We went from a house to going from hotel to hotel.I knew that wasn’t the way others were living but I didn’t find anything wrong with it niether. It was never a night that we didn’t eat since my dad was an manager at an fast food restaurant and would bring us leftovers every night.But I looked at it as at least we are eating something and not starving.I look at our generation today and see that those who haven’t experienced being homeless think that it can never happen to them.

Well I never imagined it happening to me and it really never even came to mind.I remember that time but at the time of facing it I didn’t really let it get the best of me.I don’t know if it was because I was young and didn’t really know exactly how hard it was to be homeless.Then again I think it was because my parent never treated the situation like it was a tough time and we were struggling.That one sounds more like it not once did I ever see my struggling and if they were they didn’t let us see them like that.Looking back at it my parents were the definition of great parents.They did whatever they had to make me and my siblings life seem like it was more than prefect.So I’m so very Grateful for that experience and for Parents like Mine.

9 thoughts on ““Embrace your Struggle”

  1. I love this blog post! Exposing yourself can be difficult so I APPLAUD you for taking that bold step! Keep writing and expressing yourself because you never know whose life you are reaching or touching!

  2. This blog is a blessing. I feel a connection with you. When my parents had divorced my mother didn’t know where she, I and my sister was going. We ended up sleeping on couches in my grandmothers living room because my aunt and cousin were already staying there. Although it was a struggle I’m thankful we had a roof over our heads and food on the table. You inspire me!

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