Be Humble,Be blessed,Be Grateful

Have you ever been in a room with people and you look around and wondered what’s the story behind each person in that room?Well I do. You could be sitting next to someone who has been struggling with abuse but just comes to school because that’s their get away.That person just doesn’t know how to get out of that situation.The person in the back of the class is always sleep and late for class well that person has is always tired because they have to work three jobs just to stay in school because both parents have passed away.Then the person who is always participating in class and laughing well she is hiding behind a smile she actually tried to commit suicide last week.I know that these stories are Heartbreaking but they are True stories that someone out there is Living.Be humble not everyone has food on their table,some don’t even have a table let alone a roof over their head.Be Blessed God does everything for a reason figure it out it’s either to help you grow,move on, or be a blessing.Don’t ignore Him.Be grateful share your Gift with those who need help and don’t know how to get it.Some people out there just need someone to listen and tell them that give up isn’t the way to go.Keep Going no matter what.We have to inspire those who Need Inspiration.Share this Someone out there may need to hear this.I hope I’m able to touch Hearts,Inspire and encourage those to speak out to get Help.

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