It’s A New Year ,Stop Holding on to Baggage

Move On!!
I know most people don’t like change.Well guess what I didn’t like change neither.But Change is apart of our journey of living whether we like it or not.Without some type of change on our lives things wouldn’t progress the way their suppose to.

The change I’m talking about is moving on and letting go of that unwanted baggage.We all have it in our lives.Baggage I’m preferring to is People who no longer deserve your time and energy ,but we some how still hold on to them.It’s hard I know to let those people go.But that’s one part of change we have to accept.

It’s a saying I hear very often “Some people you just have to love from a far”And that being said is you can still care about them and love them but that doesn’t mean that you need them in your life.I myself struggle with this but its a process and a change ,that made my life a lot less stressful.No one wants to move on from something their use to doing or even someone who they always had in their life, but these are a few question you should ask yourself when you make that decision.

What meaning does that person have in my life?

Is that person for me or for what I’m doing?

What’s the good they done to me ?and does it outweigh the bad?

Does this person make me happy?

Did I change myself to make this person care for me or love me?

These are a few question you should think about not only with a person you in a relationship with but with every single person in your life.It will help you Move On and also get ridge of that Baggage you no longer should be carrying.

8 thoughts on “It’s A New Year ,Stop Holding on to Baggage

  1. I love it. Great post. I think a lot of people confuse forgiveness with allowing themselves to be treated badly. Forgiveness is saying I release you of what you’ve done. I don’t believe it’s God’s will that anyone should withstand abuse for the sake of forgiveness.

  2. I really relate to this. 2013 was a tough year for me. I was asked to go with my now ex-boyfriend to start looking at engagement rings one day… and cheated on the next. After we broke up I realized he had always been dragging me down. GOODBYE baggage!!

  3. I can completely relate. I’m going through this process at the moment and am glad I stumbled upon your post. šŸ™‚

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