“You Ask,I Tell”

Did you always want to become a writer growing up?

Growing up I actually wanted to be an Fashion Designer. I know nothing about designing no type of clothes. I seen that so many people wanted to do it so I changed my mind. I would always write and I felt like my writing would get me a further career in my life.

What lead you to write?

My mother lead me to writing she loved to write. She encouraged me to continue to write no matter what.She told me my writing would get me a long way if I stayed dedicated to it.I would write all the time in school and my teachers would also encourage me to stick to writing in the future.

What Is Your Favorite Type of Writing?
Any writing that catches my attention. I’m for all types of writing I read to get a message and be inspired by the author.I love all kinds of writing .

What’s your Motivation?
My motivation,hmm lets see I would have to say my attitude for being successful and inspire those out there with my story.Also helping others with my gift to write.I want to make a name for myself and I’m gonna keep pushing no matter what.I want to help people on my way up to the top.

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