God only makes one You,so Accept who you Are.

Hey You!! yes You reading this Look in the Mirror!! Now that person staring back at you is Beautiful I know you may think that you may have flaws you wish to get ridge of. Well guess what you don’t you are beautiful just the way God has create you.

Who cares who doesn’t accept it because your approval is the only one that matters.We have to learn to love ourselves before anyone else can love us.Don’t find what’s wrong with you embrace what God has blessed you with.Don’t keep tearing yourself down because someone doesn’t like something about you, that their own insecurities they need to deal with.We are not prefect but we have to learn to accept and love our imperfections.Once you able to love who you are you will be able to be happy with the person you are. Self love is the best love a person can have.

Remember That!!!

4 thoughts on “God only makes one You,so Accept who you Are.

  1. This really touched me because I’ve never been able to look in the mirror an tell myself “I’m beautiful.” Friends look at me like I’m crazy because they simply do not understand. I’m slowly starting to love myself but I just am not able to get to the beautiful part. I’m working on it. Thanks for writing this piece.

  2. Powerful post my friend. A much needed reminder that we are all creations of a Creator who has deemed us worthy of creating. That alone is reason enough to embrace the gift that is “self.”

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