“Believe in Your Dream”


Hello My Fellow Bloggers !!Of those who don’t know I am an college student I’m in my junior Year of College.I started off at an community college because I knew I was ready to go off to a four year university right out of high school.Although most would have said I wouldn’t know until I went ,I knew what was best for me.I was also at a stage where I was trying to get through losing my father and trying to take care of my mom who was sick.I lived in the fear of leaving and not coming back to my mom being here.That was one thing over time of had to get out of my head and face the reality that we all have to go someday that’s is just in God’s control.Also after talking to my mom about what path I wanted to take and her supporting it made me feel a lot better.

I love going to school sometimes.Then it’s some days I wake up and wonder why I continue to go to school when it’s not getting me where I want to be now.I’ve learned that I’m not the only person who feels this way at times.I’ve also learned that the road to success takes time and patience.

I am where God wants me to be.As I look back on my journey I see growth in myself.A growth that brings Joy upon my face showing that I came a long way.Who would have known God would put me through so many trials and tribulations.Im pushing on no matter what I hoping that one day I can build a foundation for woman and girls to speak out on situations that I’ve been through and I know other woman like me been through.The foundation will be built to make woman and girls grow and also learn to feel comfortable in their own skin.I feel like that’s one of the things God has picked me to do.I’m currently working on my book I know it’s gonna take time.I hope to have my book done by the beginning of next year that would be my Birthday Gift to Myself.Im also hoping that my Blogs are inspire those out there in any type of way.I feel like my job is being done when I know I helped someone out there with some encouragement.I want to make name for myself and if it takes up majority of my time so be it.I have plans to go to New York to Journey out of my comfort zone also to make great things happen there.I have a Dream I’m now trying to put it in to Action. I’ve been working on getting some internships to get me started.The process is not easy at all but I know it will be worth it.I love to write and I know my future is in writing.I have so many ideas as when it comes to writing whether it’s a book or even movies .Im not giving up guys I’m gonna keep exploring different fields in writing.Im thankful I have my Family and a few friends that support my dreams and push me to keep going.With prayer and faith I know that one Day I will get where I’m going.

11 thoughts on ““Believe in Your Dream”

  1. I am so glad you invited me to your blog. You have alot of inspiration going on here! Stay encouraged and keep your eyes focused on the Lord. I will continue to read your blog entries!! Be blessed

  2. I love that you seek God to guide you through your life experiences. You are clearly an honest, caring and encouraging woman. I think it’s wonderful how you encourage others through your blog. God bless you on your journey! Also, from one writer to another, one of my biggest suggestions for every writer is to read, read, read! There is so much to learn from those who have found success in the publishing world, and the more we read the more we learn about all the different writing styles and techniques out there. Personally, I enjoy Christian fiction (suspense titles) and mysteries. God bless and keep staying focused on Jesus above all else!

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