Pursuing My Dreams

I’ve been talking about writing a book for a long time.I would start then I would get sidetrack from it so many times I thought I could never do it.Well guess what I’m doing it and let me tell you it is not easy. It has taken up most of my free time I’m not complain though because it is something I love to do.Something writing a book takes patience you can’t give up on it.In the process of it I doubted myself because I didn’t want to get let down.That is still a fear I’m facing in the process but I’m not giving up that easy.Nothing worth it is easy I love that so many people have confident in me and it makes me push myself even harder.I pray each day that I can get this book done because Lord knows I want to.I have the vision and not i want to make it reality.I know I am gonna keep falling and that’s okay but I wont continue to stand down.Continue to follow me on this journey because I’m gonna keep going.

Thank God

I wake up every morning thanking God for another day.I don’t know if I where I want to be in life but I do know I’m where God wants me to be.With all the hurt and sorrow I faced in my life I look back and say “I came a long way thank God I’m not where I was “.There was times I doubted God for my struggles because I didn’t know why he put me through what he did at that time. I’ve learned that with every struggle I faced a lesson to learn came out of it.My struggle molded me to be as strong as I am today. I won’t say it got easier because it actually got harder.I pray so much not even for myself for others because a lot of people in this world are lost.They are lost and waiting to be found and God is waiting for them to call out to him so he can help them.I try as much as I can to lead people to God because he is an all doing God.Don’t be afraid to reach out to him sometimes that’s all he’s is asking. But don’t just call out to him when things fall apart, call out to him when things are falling in place that’s his doings.We don’t ask for the life we get but we have a chance to either make the best of it or just live it in fear. I rather make the best of it whatever happens happens but I know that I didn’t just sit around and feel sorry for myself.Just take a look around life could be a lot worst.Be Thankful for what God has given you because someone out there has nothing.Accept you struggle you will soon find out why God gave you it and see how it made you who you are.

We Must Forgive,but Never Forget

We all have been hurt by someone at least once or maybe even twice in our lifetime.Stop holding on to that hurt because I know that it is stopping you from moving on to that next journey in your life. Have you ever had someone hurt you so bad you wanted that person to feel the same hurt you felt?I think we all have but leave that up to God.We tend to not forgive people and think that they will suffer from ,No we are the ones who suffer.I found that one of the hardest thing to do “Forgive”.I’m not saying that it will take the hurt back from when you felt it ,but it will bring happiness in the future ahead.I had to learn that the hard way because I suffered for several years ,because I wanted that person who hurt me to feel my pain.I had to really talk to God and let him know that it was time for me to forgive.Once I did forgive that person I was able to move on and not hold the hate in my heart.I was able to never hold hate For anyone in my heart.Over the years I was able to forgive a lot easier ,but never forget. Forgiveness is not for the other that person,Forgiveness is for You.Remember that it is okay to never forget but learn that it is inner peace that you get with forgiving.

The World we live in

We live in a world where children are being neglected.Tossed around place to place being rejected.We live in a world where words are exchanged in a unkindly way.We live in a world where I love you really means I hate you because I hurt you .We live in a world where it’s okay to judge one for what they did before but not giving them praise for what their doing now.We live in a world where young men disrespect women in so many ways when a woman was the one that birth them .We live in a world where being accepted is hard to do when someone is not living life the same as you.But why?When God created us all to be different yet we fail to understand that.We live in a world where We judge,Hurt,&Destroy.We live in a world where we don’t notice this is the kind of world we Live in.




“I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I’m simply trying to be a small improvement of the person I was yesterday, so I can be a good person tomorrow.”