Be more than A Pretty Face”

I am not telling you that having a nice face and nice body isn’t gonna get you places in life because it will.Just don’t make that what you live off of.Don’t make that you self worth Is what I’m really saying.I see so many young girls today who want to be like celebrities they see on television because of their Image.But think about it,Is the Image what you want people to see you as ? Or do you want people to look at what you really doing? I’ve seen that a lot of people are not focusing on the message of a person ,they are more focused on the Image before they even see if the message is positive or negative.Not every perfect image is a good message.Not every image that is not what you want to see is a bad message.Don’t look at someone for their looks and automatically think that it’s the path you want to take.Look beyond it let the message guide you.

I am A Woman

I am A Woman I’m not defined by the clothes I Wear, the way I speak,The perception they have of me in Society.I’m not a Loud Mouth,Angry fighting,always yelling.Don’t judge me for what someone else told I am.Do you know me ?Have you met me?Do you know what I been through?No I thought so.I am not defined by my hair or My Skin Color.I am still a Woman Respect that because as Women we go through a lot.I am Strong,Smart,Beautiful and Proud to be a Woman❤️


I Will do what You say I can’t

Turn your I can’t into I will.So many of us live in that fear of I can’t.Do me a favor delete it from you vocabulary.When you believe it ,you tend to adapt to it and make yourself think that you can’t when you really Can.I know it’s hard but You can do it.Do what you want to do in life without thinking you Can’t.Start to say I will write that paper.I will get it done.I will go for that job ,I know I can get.I will get it.I will have a dream.I will achieve it.Allow yourself to make it known that you will do what people say you Can’t. But you have to believe it enough to give it your All.So start Saying “You Will”.Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.Prove them wrong and continue to say “You Will”.