I am A Woman

I am A Woman I’m not defined by the clothes I Wear, the way I speak,The perception they have of me in Society.I’m not a Loud Mouth,Angry fighting,always yelling.Don’t judge me for what someone else told I am.Do you know me ?Have you met me?Do you know what I been through?No I thought so.I am not defined by my hair or My Skin Color.I am still a Woman Respect that because as Women we go through a lot.I am Strong,Smart,Beautiful and Proud to be a Woman❤️


2 thoughts on “I am A Woman

  1. Thank you for posting a comment on my site because it led me to your site and I love it! What a gift of positivity you are! Thank you for purposing yourself to encourage others and be true to your Christian beliefs. You are an amazing young lady who is surely making a positive difference in this world. May God be with you and bless your efforts to reach out to others. – Renee Myers

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