Feeling Blessed

If you haven’t noticed we all struggle at some put in our lives. Not everyone knows how to handle the hardships they may face because they never thought they would go through anything like it.Allow yourself to take it in because it’s normal. Struggle is actually blessing for your future. Without struggle you are not being molded for what God has in store for you later on down the road.I’ve faced times that I never thought I would get through but I did.God is an all doing God.The struggle is real but the blessings from God are even more real.Trust him he does everything for a reason.Thank him even when you have nothing to thank him for.Love what he has brought you to and gotten you through.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Women who are true Definitions of A Mother.


Happy Mother’s Day Mommy I Thank God every chance so get for allowing you to continue to keep Pushing Strong. Your a wonderful,Beautiful,and caring Mother.You’ve been through so much but still manage to live your life Happily.You have sacrificed so much for us and I thank you for that.Have a Blessed dayYou deserve it My Queen.