Panel Discussion for Opportunities in Mass Media


Are you aspiring to be a Journalist? Have you started to write a book and don’t know the next step to take?Just got started on your blog ,but need to get it out there? Well here are some answers to these questions and more advice that can help you in the career your trying to pursue in Mass Media. I was able to attend a panel discussion that touched on the different fields of Mass Media and what it will take to get your front in the door. Although everyone has their own ways of how to get ahead it is also good at time to hear advice from professionals themselves.It is very important to educate yourself on the field you would like to go into one day.That doesn’t necessarily mean know extremely everything but at least know the bulk of what you need to know.Going into the Media and Journalist field you should know not only what your suppose to but that and more.Some very good advice was giving on that you should be educated on more than you should know.For explain, you may be a producer well guess what a producer job is not just to Produce the production their putting out.That person should be able to write, speak, and know the in’s and out’s of everything around that area.It’s good for you,but even better for your production.Know I also learned some things myself that I had no knowledge about when it comes to writing a book. I had learned you needed an Agent for taking the mainstream route.Now I had no clue that with you having an agent it’s his/or her job to help you get an editor and publishing company.Ever hear of an Enquiry? Well it is a paper that is submitted to an agent telling them what your book is about.I also had a chance to talk with author and Columnist with Daily News Solomon Jones who gave me some great advice that was well needed.This is for my fellow bloggers well we all do it on here express our opinions .That’s what’s good about blogging.A lot of new bloggers are kind of lost when they get started. They don’t know exactly how to get their blog seen and get their voice heard.Well Mr.Wayne Bennett gave some great advice referring to that.Well he said I quote” Write about something that you like to do”.Many people like myself write about things they love because it gives our readers a sense of how we feel which draws them in to read more.So fellow bloggers and newcomers just write about what you love.The best part of the panel was seeing a man who was very humbled,blessed,and Gifted.Stephen A Smith was the keynote speaker at the event.As he came in I was so in a daze I didn’t even think to say hello and get at least a picture with him. Although I didn’t just being able to listen to him speak up close was all I needed.Mr. Smith happened to come in to the event when the news came out that Lebron was going back to his hometown the Cleveland¬†Cavaliers.It was great to see him getting interviewed on what he thought.What really touched me was to see that he was not just a famous Sports Journalist but he was a humbled man of God. He didn’t take where he is now for granted or the way he got there.Stephen A Smith expressed that you have to be strong to be in the field of Mass Media because there are gonna be people who don’t like you but you have to learn to still do your job and handle the situation in a professional way.You could tell that he loved what he did and he did it very well.He spoke about the youth with most don’t touched on and told them straight out that they take life for grated at times and they don’t know the struggle the way our ancestors so they have need to stop complaining all the time about the little things.He shared a personal experience with us that meant a lot.This was just a little bit of the experience of listening to him speak hope you enjoyed the advice and stay tuned for more to come.

Hip Hop 4 Autism

http:// As an young aspiring journalist I have attended events to further my knowledge on being aware of what the younger generation coming up is struggling with.A very important topic such as Autism awareness was touched upon at a recent event called “Hip Hop 4 Autism” I had the pleasure of attending. Founders Jade Slater and Diamon Black decided to start an non-profit organization which was inspired by their son King who was diagnosed with Autism a year in a half ago. For those who are unaware of what it is well Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Both had organized an walk for Autism event this past Sunday.An event that was a great turn out.They wanted to create an organization where people know that the money donated would directly be contributed to helping the Autism community. Jade mentioned how when they first found out their child was battling with Autism they were lost with nothing available in the community. There were no play groups, mentors or lines of communication.She speaks on how she ¬†wanted that to change by giving access to everyone afraid to talk about such a disorder.Instead of letting this get their spirits down they began to do research on what they could do for their son and other children with Autism.They wanted to let those in their community know that their not alone so they thought through music who not reach the younger generation.They made it their mission to make it something cool to be a part.With a vision and knowledge they started such a project to educate and recognize the signs and what to do when they find out.This was something that was not very much talk about so they knew it was their time to step up and become the Voices parents and children needed to hear.They have made it a priority to stay on top of this matter.With strong minds and even stronger voices they will no longer keep quiet and will make sure their journey will not be in vain. ” We will make noise for those without a voice”.