Trust God

I stay up late some nights just thinking of everything in my life.I ask myself things like what is my next step ? Am I prepared for what God has in store for me? Are things gonna work out?.I try not to think too ahead because I should be handling what’s happening now.It’s not always that simple to think about now when you just want what your pushing to have or see happen now.But it’s a process that you have to just be patience about.You have to realize that even when it does happen it may not come to you the way the vision was in your head.So you sit and wait but yet you still wonder.When will it come ?because time keeps passing you by. Well don’t look at your situation like that.Look at it from a positive perspective with the mindset that things will work out.God will give you the best solution for you

3 thoughts on “Trust God

  1. I think the best result is, to see your situation from GOD’s point of view…From totally different perspective with totally surrender and TRUST HIM with all your heart..

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