There is a Comeback for every Setback

Do you know someone
who complains when something they planned doesn’t go that way?Or when you pray for something and get something else.I know the feeling it will sometimes leave you questioning God.Well don’t
anymore because what he does is quite simple.I always look at every situation from a positive point of view . In so many cases when things go wrong we only think about how wrong they are at that time.We never look at why it went wrong and how it could have been for a great reason.I know that sound crazy well look at it like this.You have a job interview for a new job, but your car breaks down on the way there so you miss that interview.The day after you find out that the store is going out of business. Yup, That was God.For every setback God has a bigger comeback.I remember times where I was down to my last dime with no job then getting a call the day after with a arranging me to come in for an interview.Yup that was a God again.He will sometimes break you down to build you up again to make you over for the best.


5 thoughts on “There is a Comeback for every Setback

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  2. This makes a lot of sense. I have begun to think about the circumstances of late and see how God is using them for good as He promises in Romans 8:28. Great post – really helpful for me at this time!

  3. I can totally relate to this! When God doesn’t give you what you asked for, don’t lose hope because in the end, He’s planning to give you something better or just making sure you’re ready before He gives it to you 🙂

  4. I remember a while back, you visited my blog and told me you only wished to inspire the way I had. And like I told you then, we all have that thing.. catching up on your blog, and I’m noticing, you too have that thing..

    Don’t give up
    Keep moving
    And keep inspiring one blog post or story at a time.

    Peace & love

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