You stronger than you Think

Our hardest times are our strongest battles fought. Whether we notice that we are strong during the times God gives us trials and tribulations we still actually are. To be able to make it through a storm that you never knew you would face takes strength. But it  doesn’t stop there God is always testing us in the silence of his teaching.When I say that I mean God is our teacher through our down and out times  but at those times he is silent as we go through them. Don’t get discouraged because he is still there, but its up to you to determine whether you want to fight through those battles or let them take a hold of you. It’s always up to you when he hands you a test  just like in school you can either pass or fail it.But yet our failures should help us to learn because once we fail we tend to not want to again. So think of it as falling down and getting back up. You will fall again but every time you do you have to courage to get back up because you learned how to not give up when times were hard. Know that we all will face hard times that we wish we never did, but look back on them and Thank God he gave them to us.


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