Let’s Talk Bloggers

I want to get to know my fellow bloggers so here is some questions.

Is writing your passion or a hobbie?

What do you do for a living?

Is writing an outlet for you?

How old are you?

What made you start blogging?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bloggers

  1. Writing is my passion. I’ve always loved learning words, reading them and putting them into something special. It just comes…. natural
    Ironically, I didn’t pursue that career, I work in health care and have been for almost 20 yrs.
    Writing is definitely an outlet, and trust me at 42 years old, I know enough to know that keeping things inside is not the way to go.
    I began blogging as a way to challenge myself to write more, and discover and uncover more of my truth, which in turn would hopefully help someone else uncover theirs.


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