Young Girl


I find it hard to sleep at night when there is someone who doesn’t even have a bed to rest in.While the world is sleep I’m up trying to think about what I can do to make the world a better place.Some would say it’s nothing that can be done but there are plenty of things that can be done.There is a young girl out there wishing that she didn’t look the way God made her. I want to help her.There is a girl out there trying to commit suicide because times are rough and she feels Alone.I want to help her.There is a girl depressed about losing a parent. I want to help her.I know how it feels to be that girl.

She came a Long Way

When I first started blogging I would always talk about my parents and how grateful I was to have them.I expressed how hard it was losing a parent then having to take care of another right after.At the time it was a lot to deal with , but as the years went on I’ve have learned to deal with rough times better.There have been so many people who have asked me why am I so strong? At times I want to respond I don’t know then I think of those nights I sat up and prayed to God for the strength to deal with whatever comes my way.I THANK GOD FOR ANSWERING THOSE PRAYERS. Looking back on how far I came I would have to say God is responsible for my strength. I remember being at a stage in my life where I didn’t know who to turn to. But now all I do is pray and leave the rest in HIS HANDS.