Look How Far I’ve Come

As I sit in my dorm room I’m just thinking about how far I have come. These pass few months haven’t been easy dealing with the loss of my mother.Everything that I’ve been feeling tells me that better days are coming and things re going to be okay..Some days I  wonder why God took her when he did ,then other days I thank him for taking her out of the pain that she was in for so long.Although I would love to have her here for so many great accomplishments I have no doubt that her spirit isn’t with me at times I know I need her to be there.So I thank God for that.For all those who follow me I’ve been sharing my journey with you all and thought I update you all as well.I remember praying to God and telling him that I didn’t want to be in the same place around this time last year. Well guess what he answered that prayer because I’m currently at Fairleigh Dickinson University studying Broadcast communications.Of course I wanted to be in New York but i’m actually ten minutes away there and hoping to get an internship out there.I will definitely have to say that God may not give you something the way you want it, but he sure will give it to you. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to keep it together after losing both parents, but God got me through it.Losing my parents will never be an EXCUSE but always MOTIVATION.



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