Lets Make Mommy’s Dream Come True

Hello my Fellow Bloggers !! We are raising money for a great cause. The Light The Night Walk brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, and our team is helping to shine a light on the importance of finding cures and providing access to treatments for those with the Leukemia & Lymphoma cancer.My mom wanted to help those with this rare cancer so this is our way of making her dream come true.So if you can donate please click the link it will be greatly appreciated!!


Tell God all About It

As you go through life you will face hardships that you never imagine facing.Sometimes it even leads you to question if your strong enough to handle the path you are taking. That’s okay because we all do,but believe me when I say God gives you the strength you need to get through it all.Believe that you have it to get through any situation you may come across.  Even though I didn’t always have a relationship with God, I always wished as I got older that  would change. So now I have come to realize that some trials I have faced I couldn’t make it through them without God.There were times I had to pay bills and had no job or money ,but those bills were able to get paid. I remember losing my job after getting my first car and my insurance was coming up and I didn’t know how I would do it but I prayed and God made a way. I remember going on  interviews and hoping that at least one job would call me. A week later I received calls with opportunities and was able to be working two jobs and going to school full time.When I lost my parents I didn’t think I was going to keep going but God had already prepared me for that day.No it is not easy ,but I’m taking it one day at a time. So when I preach about something it is all from what I know God can do. So when you have some free time or just need someone to talk to tell him all about it.