#Mygirlsquad Interviews With Tiffany Evans

Tiffany-Evans-All-Me-Download-01 Tiffany Evans Album Cover Retreieved March 17, 2016 from http://tiffanyevansofficial.com/

In 2003 starting in the spotlight at the age of nine, Tiffany Evans became the face of “Star Search.” Her powerful voice made her the Grand Champion in the junior singer division. Tiffany Evans is known for her phenomenal hit “Promise Ring” which featured Ciara, and her role as a young actress on Tyler Perry‘s movie “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.”

Evans is now back with her new EP “All of Me” showing the world that she is a woman, mother, wife, and artist. At 23, she wants to let her fans and listeners know that you can be successful and also be a great mother and an artist as well. Her album “All of Me” features great tracks including the hit single ‘On Sight’ ft Fetty Wap, available now on iTunes.

Caroline Senion from Mygirlsquad sat down with…

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