Mother’s Day

Today we are celebrating all the great,strong,beautiful,&wonderful mothers in the world today.Without women like them none of us would be here.We should embrace them in everyday we can because they deserve it.Im going to enjoy this day with my Beautiful mommy.Hope everyone else does as well



Faith was Lost

We tend to face crossroads in life and we giving up on hope and faith.Losing a loved one can leave us to distant ourselves from the world.Only if we could get a warning sign ahead of us to let us know we should be prepared for what we may be hitting ahead.No matter what the circumstance may be we should always prepare ourselves for the worst to come and never lose faith.


Being different

Just face the fact that you can’t be like others.Coming into this world your made one of a kind accept that and embrace it.Trying to fit in is for followers and I’m not talking about on Twitter or Instagram.Look in the mirror and notice that you won’t even know where your heading until you find yourself and that starts with loving and accepting what you were made to be.