Look at Me Now

When I started blogging back in 2010 I didn’t think twice about it becoming something that I would love to do. My blog site was somewhere I turned to because I loved to write and wanted to share it with the world. As time went on I got more comfortable with sharing my personal experiences with my fellow bloggers.Not only did it help me but it helped others who also faced similar hardships.I’m glad that I was able to have a positive impact on people’s lives with my writing.Since then I have been reaching out more to others and moving forward with my life. In 2014 I did an event for the kids in my community who were going into a new school year. They got to hear and interact a panel of great leaders making it and following their dream.It was a great success.I currently graduated from a community college and got accepted into Fairleigh Dickinson for fall 2015.I was also offered an scholarship there as well for my GPA. But I will be going there to further my education.I plan to get an internship in New York since I’m so close to the city.I told myself I didn’t want to be in the same spot new Year and I won’t. I’m truly blessed and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me.


Young Girl


I find it hard to sleep at night when there is someone who doesn’t even have a bed to rest in.While the world is sleep I’m up trying to think about what I can do to make the world a better place.Some would say it’s nothing that can be done but there are plenty of things that can be done.There is a young girl out there wishing that she didn’t look the way God made her. I want to help her.There is a girl out there trying to commit suicide because times are rough and she feels Alone.I want to help her.There is a girl depressed about losing a parent. I want to help her.I know how it feels to be that girl.

She came a Long Way

When I first started blogging I would always talk about my parents and how grateful I was to have them.I expressed how hard it was losing a parent then having to take care of another right after.At the time it was a lot to deal with , but as the years went on I’ve have learned to deal with rough times better.There have been so many people who have asked me why am I so strong? At times I want to respond I don’t know then I think of those nights I sat up and prayed to God for the strength to deal with whatever comes my way.I THANK GOD FOR ANSWERING THOSE PRAYERS. Looking back on how far I came I would have to say God is responsible for my strength. I remember being at a stage in my life where I didn’t know who to turn to. But now all I do is pray and leave the rest in HIS HANDS.

Love come and gone

I met man who came into  my life with me having no intentions that one day I may love him.A man who helped me to trust again after losing the only man I trusted.It was more of a mental connection that bought the feelings stronger than I could ever imagine.Being with this man everyday and night gave me a sense of comfort that every girl should have being around a man.I felt safe and that’s what I needed to feel after feeling afraid for years.Now he would call me tell me he was coming to get me and we were going somewhere. He would open doors for me.I remember that one night he walked me to my door I think that’s one of the things that had me really think he was the prefect gentleman.We both had old souls and loved old school music. We shared so many laughs that problems didn’t matter.I thank God that I met that man.

Dear Martin Luther King

Dear Martin and say Martin because I feel like I knew you not for what you did but for who you were. A man of Honor and bravery that knew what  he wanted to do.We all have dreams but yours was one to change the world. You fought not with violence but with words that became remembered.You had the confidence to conquer all that came your way.You had the strength to handle what they said you were and you proved them wrong with becoming who you are.You earned the title of not only a man but an hero that will forever live on. I thank you for bringing your vision alive for us to look back on.



Pray and don’t Worry

Every now and then we all tend to let what goes in our lives worry us. We pray but yet we don’t trust that what we prayed about  will be achieved.Yeah, I know I do it too ,but that’s something I am working on.It’s in us at times to see the negative in a situation before we see the positive. So we drift away from what can be, to why does this have to happen? We do this with praying so it leads us to worry when we should trust that God only wants what’s best for us.So if he removes someone from you life pray that they don’t try to come back it because maybe that person was toxic for you life. If he detours you on your way somewhere pray that he continues to give you detours.If he knocks you down a couple of times pray that he continues to give you the strength to keep getting back up.Trust the power of prayer and don’t worry.