Ask Me Questions

This is a chance for my readers to ask me anything and everything.I will answer all questions.Don’t be afraid to stop by and Leave me your Questions.

12 thoughts on “Ask Me Questions

      • That’s exciting-you have your whole life head of you to use your passion to write! As you continue to grow in your gifting, I would just encourage you to have someone you look up to in the English field look over your posts and help with edits. I would suggest working on punctuation with run-on sentences and double checking words like “you’re, your” and “there, their, they’re”. I love your heart in your posts and know that your talent will only continue to grow!

    • Well I get my inspiration from every single thing I have faced in my life I’ve been through alot and I feel like someone out there needs some inspiration in their life.My love for write well I would write everytime I felt alone or sad it made me feel some much better when i would write I just grown to love it because it became apart of my way of getting through life. Writing and Praying.

      • Love your drive! I feel the same way. We all are faced with challenges in life and to get over the challenges…you must use that fuel to drive you. I read a couple of your pieces but really haven’t had the chance to respond yet. After I spend some quality time with my mini me, I will! Many blessings, stay in touch 🙂

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